Next task days

These have been set provisionally for the following Saturdays:

  • 17 March
  • 12May
  • 8 September
  • 13 October

Anyone who can’t make these but would like to help is asked to contact a committee member or email


Task day - 20th May 2017

Remember also BBQ lunch, plant swap and open day (10:30-14:30)

Please meet by main building at 10:00 to help tackle some of this year's tasks ...

Woodland trees by newest plots ...

Wood chip paths as needed

Cut back overgrowth above top plots

Orchard  ...

Apply leafmould mulch to fruit tree bases (Dave and Ken B only)

Main building ...

Paint main building weatherboards

Repair fallen tool store door

Clear gutters

Hazel grove around top car park ...

Use wood chipper to clear last year's hazel cuttings (2 people)

Garage ...

Clear space between water butts

Paint roof and roof edge with anti-vandal paint (2 people)

Area between business park and plots 25 downwards ...

Cut down willow tree growth. Needs use of second ladder.

Other tasks …

Garage – nail down roof ridge and clear water butt stand of moss, etc.

Rebuild leaf and woodchip bins by garage.

General site tidy/litter pick up.

If anybody has a trailer could they bring this to take rubbish to Council tip.

Cover plot 52.


18th March 2017

A very great thank you to the 20 plotholders who, despite the inclement weather, attended the last task day.
  • A large amount of litter was removed from the site.  Everyone please take litter home with you and keep roadways and paths adjacent to your plot weed free.
  • The new allotment sign is now up and looks great 
Photo of new allotment sign